Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things go wrong entirely too often in the lives of young women who give up their hearts to love. And before these beautiful creatures can suck it up and move on, there is the necessary part about having to deal with the universe collapsing around you or, at any rate, imploding within you. I wonder how it feels when you have to look at his face while he's asleep at that moment, unaware of what just changed. I wonder how you deal with him waking up in the same space as you, and how you muster up the strength to look him in the eye. I wonder if you'll even confront him about the full extent of what he's done, because I know you and I know your love for him.
We're all terrible, terrible people in some ways. In many ways, actually. A lot of us may even have bought ourselves a one way trip to hell (whichever brand of it you choose to believe in, or if you even believe in it). We like to think we're not hurting anyone else with what we do, but that's only a half-truth. The real story here is that we will end up doing it, whether we planned on it or not. And we saw it coming, but our recklessness, our absolute disregard for care had us convinced that it would turn out perfectly in the end.