Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why so blue, you?

Paint wash, immersion
in a matt blue emulsion.
Coloured in a thick coat of
melancholy that drips
my skin, in big blue splotches
And pollutes.
Scourging off
The bright until I am
Inside-out & Outside-in
one solid hue.

Fumes intoxicate and
penetrate into
The Personal and
The Private.
no hidden agenda,
I wish I had one concealed,
not interfered with thus
and diluted.
Such a rude interruption,
Tea party gone astray.
Now it’s blue too.

Ultramarine pigment,
Powdered and ground into
Wave after wave after wave
Of allergies hit and
settle comfortably.
Please, go away,
My uninvited houseguests in
This shade isn’t welcome,
And neither are you.